Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Class Meeting Example

Class meetings are applicable at all grade levels. It is important that class meetings are tailored to each individual class and correspond to the individual class needs. A second grade teacher at DGS shared insights into their first class meeting with her parents using the post below:

Toady was the first class meeting in the Second Street Cafe!
Classroom meetings aid in the development of life-long learners as they review their progress, goals, and overall status of the classroom.  Our classroom meeting happens on Tuesday mornings.  During this time, we:
  • open with our TOP SECRET 2Z HANDSHAKE!
  • review our mission statement
  • read our ground rules
  • analyze the data surrounding our SMART goal progress
  • discuss the plus/delta chart (positives, and things to change) pertaining to 2Z
  • problem solve any of the deltas as needed
  • complete a consensogram (see photo) to help us pinpoint our next steps
Check in with your child about the class meeting today! What was their favorite part? Where did they move their dot on the consensogram?
See the pictures below taken during the meeting today!

Presenting our ground rules from the stage!
Presenting our mission statement  from the stage!

Announcing our Ground Rules! Be ROYAL!
Announcing our Ground Rules! Be ROYAL!
Checking in on what is going well, and what may need to change.
Checking in on what is going well, and what may need to change.
Our first consensogram of the year! I love the way this quality tool allows students to be anonymous while providing data immediately! These were two areas the students felt they needed to work on, so they each moved a dot to their area of focus for the future. Dots at the bottom were students who felt they were ok in both areas already!
Here’s to many more class meetings this year! I can’t wait until the students are using the 21st century skills to lead the meetings themselves! :)

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