Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Plan on a Page

The Plan on a Page is a driving document to continuous improvement efforts.  Initiated at the district level through a district leadership team, mission, vision, values, beliefs are goals are developed and communicated through the Building Leadership Team and Professional Learning Community teams. 

Dunlap Grade School aligns their school improvement goals to district level goals. The goals at Dunlap Grade School are focused on creating a culture of readers, developing lifelong learners, and fostering empathy and problem solving through social-emotional learning opportunities.These goals are monitored on a school data center and on a school balanced scorecard. 

Teachers and students establish classroom goals that align to building level goals. Teachers and students than create a classroom plan on a page to document their plan for learning and growing. At Dunlap Grade School, no one escapes continuous improvement and key goals are communicated through the plan on a page.

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